Should I do a Liver Flush? (Gall Bladder Cleanse)

There is no standard formula for a Liver Flush (Gall bladder Cleanse). Although there is a difference in protocol, all do involve some combination of olive oil, herbs and juice while lasting 2 or more days. Depending on the source you reference, it may be advised you refrain from consuming regular food during this period. Before you begin be sure to consume a diet consisting of alkaline-forming foods for 3-5 days prior. Eating an apple once a day during this time will also help to dissolve some stones to help kick start the cleanse. Begin your cleanse around a day that you know you will have the next day to completely rest. Step 1: Refrain from taking any medications or supplements the day you begin. Avoid eating any fat or dairy products for breakfast. Step 2 (2:00pm): Do not eat or drink after 2:00pm. Consuming food or beverages may cause you to feel ill as a result.

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