Does colon hydrotherapy wash away all the bacteria, even the healthy bacteria?

If your bowel is toxic you have little or no good intestinal flora to begin with. As in gardening, if you do not prepare the soil and fertilize the ground, plants will not live. The helpful bacteria can only live in an acidic environment, whereas the harmful ones thrive in an alkaline heavy environment.

Most people, due to years of improper eating, lack of exercise and poor elimination, have an alkaline heavy colon. The great benefit of a cleansing program is it changes the environment from alkaline to acid. If we make conditions favorable in the colon for bifodophilus and acidophilus- the good bacteria- they will populate.

After your colonic session, we offer a free probiotic capsule (acidophilus and bifodophilus) to help in the production of B vitamins and to produce acetic and lactic acids to lower the ph of the intestines, thus inhibiting undesirable yeast, bacteria and viruses.

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