What is the difference between Open vs Closed system?

At Clear Living Clinic, we utilize an FDA and Health Canada approved open-system known as, the Angel of Water. This state-of-the-art system is equipped with both a UV and activated carbon filtration system.

The two types of colonic systems to choose from are referred to as “closed-tube” and “open-basin”. Typically, people have shortened the names simply to closed-system and open-system. Both forms of colon hydrotherapy bring water into the colon to assist in the removal of waste.

  • Open Colon Hydrotherapy System

During an open-system session, the water flows automatically at a constant pressure of 1 psi. The water is gravity driven and flows from a gravity tank located at the end of the unit. Due to the constant yet gentle flow of the water, generally 35-40 minutes is sufficient.

The disposable speculum used in open-system is much thinner as it is only about pencil size.   Although it can be up to 10 inches long, only 1.5-2 inches is self-inserted into the rectum. The unit and equipment are designed so that the client can self administer the session painlessly with ease. Tubing is used to connect the speculum to the unit where the water flows. There is a basin located in the middle of the unit with a drain in the bottom. This where the client will release into and waste will travel down the drain into the sewer system underneath the basin. Although, the waste is “open” to air, the unit is designed as a vented system to ensure no odor or mess.

Due the larger tubing and plumbing used in open-system, there is no need for additional abdominal massage because larger amounts of stool are able to pass through the system sufficiently.

Open system that allows you to evacuate up to 5x more fecal matter and waste in a single session than those systems that are a closed system.

A closed system does not allow larger pieces of waste to be evacuated through the one inch diameter proctoscope. As well, you may experience fewer releases in the same length session as compared to our open sessions. Often, you will need to receive an abdominal massage to break up the material before the session.

Although both systems work well, our open system allows our clients to enjoy their privacy, while getting a more efficient cleanse.

  • Closed Colon Hydrotherapy System

During a closed-system session, the water tends to flow at a very low pressure (less than .5 psi) although adjusted by a therapist throughout the entire session. Due to the slow flow of water a session can range between 45-65 minutes.

There is an instrument used to comfortably open the anus, called a speculum. The speculum has a diameter of approximately ¾ inch and is inserted about 2-3 inches deep. Gently opening the anus reduces the need for any excess force during elimination. There are two lines then connected. The water line connects to the water traveling to the equipment and the disposable waste line connects to a viewing tube where you can see the matter being eliminated from your body. The waste travels from your body, through the speculum into the waste line, passes through the viewing tube and drains into the sewer system.

The waste is contained in a tube and “closed” from air from start to finish.

The therapist often provides an abdominal massage during the session to help break up any fecal matter and allow for easier release.

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