Beat Candida/Parasites

If you have tried your own approach, including multiple cleanses, but you still don’t feel your best, could Colon Hydrotherapy be the missing key on your healing journey? Without getting rid of toxins from your Colon and healing your gut, our body cannot function at its optimal level. Once your Colon is cleansed it will create a healthy foundation and then be a lot easier to replenish your body with healthy bacteria and nutrients to support your overall health.

We believe that feeling at your best so that you can be happier, think clearer have a better quality of life is possible and doesn’t have to be difficult. We want you to know that consistency and patience are the main keys for your success. We do not believe in overnight fixes, especially if you have been suffering from condition(s) for a while.

Beat Candida or/and Parasites

Please remember, getting rid of Candida or/and Parasites takes time and discipline.

This package includes;

Price: $650 (6 colonics) or $1100 (12 colonics)

Everybody’s situation is unique. We will provide you with personalized recommendations. We ask for your commitment and dedication of time for your healing journey.


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