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Digestive & Wellness Services

Colon Hydrotherapy

serv-1 Colon Hydrotherapy, also called Colonics is simply the removal of toxins and waste that have collected in the colon, by the introduction of warm water through the rectum. The water cleans the colon by flowing into the colon, and flushing back out, carrying waste and toxins with it. Colonics is important as without a clean and healthy colon, you can be susceptible to chronic or occasional constipation, fatigue, digestive issues, and other health concerns. Read More

Food Sensitivity Screening

serv-2 Here you will discover how to identify foods that create stress or inefficiency in your body, and how to identify those that your body responds well to, so that you can ensure that your diet creates vibrant health. Almost all of us are sensitive to some type of food yet might not be aware. This is because the symptoms of a sensitivity or mild allergy can be difficult to detect. Read More

Parasites Screening

serv-3 Whether to your surprise or not, according to the World Health Organization 60% of us carry some type of parasites. These microscopic organisms find their way into our bodies through numerous aspects of everyday life. Parasites are typically transmitted through the air, food, water, and may even be contracted to a child during birth. If action is not taken to eliminate parasites there remains a chance to affect one’s health both physically and mentally. Read More


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