Colonic Pricing

Colon Hydrotherapy (or Coffee Enema)

Please contact us if you need to book an appointment for two people at the same time. Coffee Enema and Colon Hydrotherapy are interchangeable within packages. Packages of 6 or more can be shared with another person. 

  • Package of 12: $900 + 1 FREE Infrared Sauna
  • Package of 8: $600 + 1 FREE Infrared Sauna
  • Package of 6: $480 + 1 FREE Infrared Sauna
  • Package of 4: $320
  • Package of 3: $255
  • Single Session: $100.00
If you haven’t tried either Colon Hydrotherapy or a Coffee Enema and want to detox, we recommend starting with a series of Colon Hydrotherapy first, as Colon Hydrotherapy will cleanse your Colon making the Coffee Enema far more effective. Coffee Enemas are for detoxing your Liver. Adding an Infrared Sauna session before or after your Colon Hydrotherapy session can enhance your Colon Hydrotherapy experience. 

Infrared Sauna 

  • Single Session: $49
  • Package of 6: $240
  • Package of 12: $420

Ultimate Detox Packages 

  • Colonic + Infrared Sauna: $129 (same day)
  • 3 Colonics + 3 Infrared Sauna: $350
  • 6 Colonics + 6 Infrared Sauna: $650
  • 12 Colonics + 12 Infrared Sauna: $1200 

Cancellation Policy

We require a minimum of 24-hour notice in order to reschedule or cancel a scheduled appointment. Last minute cancellations, those made within 24-hours of your appointment time, incur a $75.00 cancellation fee. We do have voicemail and e-mail which we check regularly so a message can be left at any time of the day or night.

We understand that emergencies happen and sometimes circumstances beyond your control arise that prevent you from keeping a scheduled appointment, but outside of reasonable necessity, we do require that 24-hour minimum notice in consideration of other clients and our therapists.

Method of payment: Credit Card, Debit or Cash


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