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Clear Living Clinic is small team of gut health enthusiasts that focus on digestive health and detox. We believe in delivering results, offering solutions to our clients problems, thus providing values to each and everyone who visits our clinic.

Clear Living Clinic began in 2013 in downtown Toronto on Wellesley Street with only one Colon Hydrotherapy unit. The following year we relocated to Rosedale Medical Centre to increase our future capacity. Two years later, we have added a second Colon Hydrotherapy unit to improve client scheduling flexibility and service. In 2018 we added an Infrared Sauna and Shower to add to our detox capabilities. We continue to improve our services and focus on creating a warm, friendly and professional environment that makes our clients feel comfortable and at ease the moment they walk into our door.

Many of our clients visit us because they suffer from digestive health ailments such as: chronic constipation; uncomfortable gas and bloating; unknown fatigue or brain fog; skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne; and others. Some clients visits us simply to cleanse and enhance/maintain their good health.

We have learned that the biggest hurdle in a client initiating their first Colonic session is a “fear” that the Colon Hydrotherapy experience might be painful. We understand that fear due to the nature of the therapy.  We would also like to share that the vast majority of our clients’ report the session is far more comfortable and actually enjoyable than they had anticipated. We have witnessed time and time again clients improving their health conditions, quality of life and glowing skin after they embrace a Colon Hydrotherapy routine. We truly believe that vitality begins in the gut. We would love to share all the benefits that Colon Hydrotherapy has to offer.

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Annie Noh, BPhed, Certified CH Therapist, Owner


Through my own experiences, I have become a firm believer that healing starts from within and that proper digestion is vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I have a passion for educating others in helping them achieve optimal health and for increasing awareness of complementary/alternative therapies.

In 2013 I decided to open up a clinic that focuses on holistic digestive healing and is proud to introduce the state of the art Angel of Water unit which offers the most comfortable and effective Colonic Irrigation experience for clients. I am dedicated to creating a pleasant experience for all clients who visit the clinic and provide a friendly, warm and professional environment. My experience makes me compassionate and understanding which allows clients to feel relaxed and taken care of.

I completed my Certified Colon Hydrotherapy Training through The Canadian Natural Health and Healing Centre, which provides the most comprehensive and advanced clinical training course in Colon Hydrotherapy. In addition, I am a Certified Bio Meridian Technician and have completed my courses at the Canadian School of Holistic Nutrition.

During downtime, I enjoy working out, travelling and spending time with my rescued dog, my angel, Sugar.

Ciara Knight, CNP (Hon), Certified CH Therapist

Throughout my schooling and in my professional career, I’ve been a strong believer that overall health and wellbeing starts with good digestive health.  Colonic treatments, offer a way to get to the root cause of many digestive issues in a way that creates an immediate impact for clients.  While other nutritional treatments can offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, colonics offer a tailored treatment, unique to the individual client.  Being so passionate about digestive health, it seemed like a natural fit for me to focus on a career in colonics.

I often work with clients who have been suffering from poor digestive health for some time, and the most rewarding part of my job is working with them to first find ways to treat their immediate concerns, then focusing on ways to achieve their overall health goals.  I really enjoy the strong relationships I’m able to create with my clients and being part of their overall wellness.

Colon hydrotherapy helps alleviate immediate symptoms and provides relief by removing toxins from the body.  Where my nutritional background comes in to play is in discovering the underlying causes and identifying ways to proactively improve my client’s digestive health. Often during my consultations, I engage my clients to discuss changes in diet and lifestyle that can improve their digestive health and overall  well-being.

When not working at Clear Living Clinic, I enjoy volunteering at the Toronto Human Society and spending time with friends and family whenever possible.

Eke Idika, CNP (Hon), Certified CH Therapist 

I graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with honours.  I am passionate about health and have extensive experience and knowledge regarding raw vegan diets and all things relating to juicing and juice cleansing. I have seen first hand how what goes into our bodies and how we care for ourselves has a direct impact on every facet of life.  It can affect our friends, our families, and our communities.  By healing ourselves – we help everyone to heal as well.

Proper nutrition, combined with colon cleansing, supports the body in regaining its natural alinement and optimal functionality – where true health and regeneration can take place.  Incorporating healthier foods and regular colonics to ones habitual customs is life changing.  You will look better, feel younger, and think clearer!

I work with clients where they are at, and supports individuals in reaching their health goals.  I equip you with education, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, to make your transition into health simple. I pride myself on offering practical and straightforward health advice – that provide positive results. I hope to use the skills that I have learned, as well as my own personal healing experience to serve, to inspire, and to empower others.

When not working with clients at the Clear Living Clinic, I enjoy traveling, reading, going to the beach, and rollerblading along the city’s waterfront trails.  I am always creating new juices and raw food recipes to share with family and friends.


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