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Body Organ Screening

You know something is not right, you go to a doctor but all you hear is everything is fine, nothing is wrong with you. Are you often frustrated that even though you know something is not right, no one seems to be able to tell you what’s going on inside you?

Imagine how empowered you would be if you knew your body’s status as to whether you were in a balanced state, a stressed state or in a weakened state.

Understanding the health of our insides is extremely important to keep the body in balance. We are all made up of the same tissues and organs although the way our systems operate are unique to every individual. This is why we cannot follow a cookie cutter diet and expect to see the same results as one another. Identifying what organs need the most care will help to understand what foods, detox programs and supplements will be most effective to bring yourself back to internal balance.

Bio Meridian testing for organ screening will provide you with a roadmap of your body. It will give you a solid idea of what is going on inside you.

Benefits of Organ Screening:

  • Gives you a clear idea of what is going on inside you before it’s too late
  • Understanding of lifestyle changes to make
  • Understanding of which foods and supplements to increase intake
  • Provides detailed report of all internal body functions

Steps toward a healthy lifestyle:

  • Determine which organs are out of balance
  • Reconfirm results with primary care doctor
  • Incorporate essential foods and supplements specific to your body to bring system to balance state
  • Perform routine organ screening to identify progress and any changes


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