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About Us

Clear Living Clinic is a Digestive and Wellness Centre located in downtown Toronto just south of Bloor St on Sherbourne St. in the Rosedale Medical Centre.

Our Services include:

We understand the importance of a clean colon in the body’s overall health, and your safety and privacy are our primary concern. Our certified therapists will walk you through the workings of our state of the art equipment and ensure that you are comfortable with the entire process. We will share the various benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy. Before you book your first appointment, you are welcome to take a tour and attend a personal information session to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Our goal is to help enable a lifestyle in which your body is at its best. A sense of good energy and feeling of well-being is our main purpose. We want all of our clients to feel that their time spent at our clinic has been effective and worthwhile.

We are committed to creating a private, friendly, clean and safe environment in which our clients can be completely comfortable.

We provide undivided attention and fully support our clients’ health choices and desired lifestyle.

Our Team

Hannah Shalom, DCHM (Hon) Registered Homeopath, Colon Therapist

IMG_7447 Since childhood, Hannah knew that she had a purpose in life and that this purpose involved service or helping others. Being born with lactose intolerance and allergies to almost everything, she was fed fresh pressed carrot juice instead of milk as an infant to survive. She suffered a lot of symptoms which doctors were not able to resolve and was told she would “just have to live with it”. After studying varying alternative therapies and approaches to holistic healing in China, Japan, India and Africa, and practising a number of alternative modalities over the last 20 years, Hannah found profound changes in her personal health and wellness through homeopathic treatment and was inspired to train at The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine to become a homeopath, where she recently graduated with honours.

What is homeopathy? Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy, explains that Dis-ease is merely a misalignment and off-balance state caused by an interruption, weakness, breakage or blockage in the life force that manifests as symptoms in the physical body as well as in the emotions and thoughts, causing discomfort. These constellations of symptoms are clues to solving the puzzle. Homeopathy has evidenced that treating an energy disturbance with something that has a similar energy field or frequency, stimulates the body into self-regulation or balance. Even though remedies are diluted, they are potentiated in a way similar to compounding interest on a loan where less can lead to more. Homeopathy takes a holistic approach which encompasses the whole being and treats sequentially from top to bottom and from the inside out.

Hannah is enthusiastic to share her knowledge and experience of homeopathy with others, helping them discover new safe, gentle, natural and non-invasive ways to help their body use its own energy to heal itself. Watching patients overcome chronic conditions they have been living with for years, or helping someone with severe acute symptoms to contain them or diminish them to zero, is not only amazing but extremely gratifying. Homeopathy is able to change a person’s individual health profile in a most profound way and is an excellent complementary treatment.

Hannah recently traveled to Tanzania to work with Homeopaths for Health in Africa, working with patients who had HIV/AIDS and other ailments. Homeopathic treatment stabilized their lives, improved their energy, allowing them to go back to work to support their families.

Annie Noh, BPhed, Certified Bio Meridian Technician, Colon Therapist, Owner

IMG_1158 Through her own experiences, Annie has become a firm believer that healing starts from within and that proper digestion is vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Annie has a passion for educating others in helping them achieve optimal health and for increasing awareness of complementary/alternative therapies.

When she first moved to Canada, she was shocked to see the amount of fast food, processed food, meat and sugar consumption by North Americans which led to a deeper understanding of how the diet was contributing to the digestive, energy, and health challenges that are so common today.

Annie has lost her grandmother to colon cancer, her grandfather to bladder cancer, and in 2015 her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, which led to spending 5 weeks at a cancer centre back home in Seoul. This experience further demonstrated the importance of prevention, regular cleansing, healthy diet and lifestyle which she now seeks to share with a broader range of people. She lives by the motto that “Practicing prevention is always easier, simpler, and more effective than trying to find a cure.”

A number of years ago she decided to open up a clinic that focuses on holistic digestive healing through integrated methods all under one roof and is proud to introduce the state of the art Angel of Water unit which offers the most comfortable and effective colonic irrigation experience for clients. She is dedicated to creating a pleasant experience for all clients who visit the clinic and provides a friendly, warm and professional environment. Annie is a great listener who is personable, compassionate and understanding which allows clients to feel relaxed and taken care of.


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At Clear Living Clinic, we specialize in helping you live a healthy lifestyle by allowing your body to detoxify, energize, and rejuvenate. Schedule an appointment today to regain a strong sense of balance and vitality.

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