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Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics) Treatment

What is Colon Hydrotherapy? (Colonics)

Colon HydrotherapyColon Hydrotherapy, also called Colonics is simply the removal of toxins and waste that have collected in the colon, by the introduction of warm water through the rectum. The water cleans the colon by flowing into the colon, and flushing back out, carrying waste and toxins with it.

Colonics is important as without a clean and healthy colon, you can be susceptible to chronic or occasional constipation, fatigue, digestive issues, and other health concerns. As well, colonics is an highly effective method to cleanse your colon, and colon hydrotherapy is the only therapy that is proven to eliminate toxic residue that has borrowed itself into the internal walls of the colon.

What are the Benefits of Colonics?

Interesting Facts

  • When John Wayne died from colon cancer, they found 60-80 lbs of undigested material causing a massive intestinal blockage.
  • The average person’s colon can often hold 8 to 25 lbs of fecal matter for years even decades.
  • Over 75% of our immune system is impacted by the colon.
  • Colonics are popular with a number of celebrities including Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Britney Spears.

Prior to Your Appointment

All appointments must be booked in advance. Your first appointment will be approximately 1 hour long and follow-up sessions will be around 45 minutes.

We recommend that no food be consumed 2 hours before your colonic session. Plenty of water, electrolytes and raw vegetable juices are great for hydrating and softening fecal matter. We also recommend avoiding processed food, large meals, alcohol, red meat, caffeine and refined sugars 24 hours prior to your colonic session.

YOU MUST NOTIFY US PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT IF YOU HAVE HAD ANY OF THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS WITHIN THE LAST 6-12 MONTHS as anyone who does not pass the contraindications (requirements) which is indicated in our confidential intake form won’t be able to proceed with the treatment. 

Heart failure,  Renal failure, Intestinal perforation, carcinoma of the rectum, fissures or fistula, severe hemorrhoids, Colon or rectal surgery, abdominal hernia, first & last trimester of pregnancy, Liver cirrhosis, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, Diverticulitis. 

What you can expect on your Initial Visit

On your initial visit, your therapist will review your confidential intake form with you and explain the details of the process.

Our clinic uses an ‘Open Method’ system using the Angel of Water equipment creating a very private and comfortable experience.

The process is painless, and most clients find it to be quite comfortable. The water is just around body temperature, and a safe and gentle pressure level.

The purified water is entered through the body using a disposable nozzle about the size of a pencil. As the water circulates through the colon, you will feel some light pressure building up until you feel the urge to go to the washroom. When you feel the natural urge to go, you simply release as normal. The water, along with any waste and gases, will ‘swoosh’ out of your body, and drain into the plumbing system, with no odour, mess or fuss.  During a sufficient session of 35-45 minutes, a person may have between 30-40 bowel movements.   about-4

We generally recommend at least 3-4 sessions to cleanse the entire length of the colon, however, the number may vary depending on the digestive condition.

Before leaving the clinic, your therapist will consult with you explaining how to take care of yourself after your session. The therapist will also provide you with individualized recommendations and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

After the session most people experience a feeling of improved energy. You may go back to work, or your regular routine after the session is over.

Our System

Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic

At Clear Living Clinic, we utilize an FDA and Health Canada approved open-system known as, the Angel of Water.

Angel of Water. This state-of-the-art system is equipped with both a UV and activated carbon filtration system.

The two types of colonic systems to choose from are referred to as “closed-system” and “open-system”. Both forms of colon hydrotherapy bring water into the colon to assist in the removal of waste.

During an open-system session, the water flows automatically at a constant pressure of 1 psi. The water is gravity driven and flows from a gravity tank located at the end of the unit. Due to the constant yet gentle flow of the water, generally 35-40 minutes is sufficient.

The disposable speculum used in open-system is much thinner as it is only about pencil size.   Although it can be up to 10 inches long, only 1.5-2 inches is self-inserted into the rectum. The unit and equipment are designed so that the client can self administer the session painlessly with ease. Tubing is used to connect the speculum to the unit where the water flows. There is a basin located in the middle of the unit with a drain in the bottom. This where the client will release into and waste will travel down the drain into the sewer system underneath the basin. Although, the waste is “open” to air, the unit is designed as a vented system to ensure no odor or mess.

Due the larger tubing and plumbing used in open-system, there is no need for additional abdominal massage because larger amounts of stool are able to pass through the system sufficiently.

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