Fibre Hit & Miss

Fibre is defined as the carbohydrate in food that the body is unable to digest. It passes through our digestive system helping to keep our bowel movements regular. There are two types of fibre and both are equally as crucial for our health.   These types of fibre provide the body with different benefits, which is why adding a variety of fibrous foods to your diet is key to ensure you are receiving the benefits of each. Insoluble fibre helps to keep you regular by adding bulk to stool accelerating the transit time of food.   Sources include wheat bran, whole grains and some vegetables and fruit. Soluble fibre helps to lower cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood. Sources include vegetables such as carrots, eggplant, and legumes and fruit like citrus fruit and apples. Oat bran, barley and legumes are additional sources.

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